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Check out Batoto if you haven’t

For those who don’t know, there is an online manga reading site called Batoto.

I wasn’t recently that I knew about this awesome site, but it was just recently that I noticed the difference between Batoto and other online readers.

When I was reading my regular dose of Mangaka-san to Assistant san, I thought to myself, “Was my manga always this clear?”

(For those who don’t know… I love this manga. Check it out if you haven’t)

Well, it turns out that Mangafox, mangareader and mangahere scale down manga to low quality. (I just found that out recently. I feel so stupid!!) For better quality manga, go check out Batoto. It’s too bad that I don’t know how to set up my own manga reader for you guys, but I will be giving links to Batoto for my releases from now on.




Rotten Peanuts Release #5: [Cuvie] Pure Pure Chapter 1

There has been a lot of commotion about SOPA, PIPA and megaupload. Well, I’m quite thankful for the foresight I had in Megaupload being taken down in which I put up three links to my releases, or I would be forced to reupload everything. 😉

Actually, I have not clue about what is going on, as I am completely ignorant of everything that doesn’t occur within a 1 meter radius of my computer chair. And situated in Australia, away from the U.S, where all that commotion is happening is helping to keep my life peaceful.

Anyway, the release is Chapter 1 of this awesome book.

Big thanks to Caboov and Ninja Pistol (<– actually my best friend since forever) for proofreading.

Extra notes: DO NOT upload this to other places without my permission (g.e-hentai etc). If I want to host it somewhere else, I will personally upload it or ask the guy in charge there.

Download links: HotfileMediafire | Sendspace |

Until next time,

Rotten Peanuts

Rotten Peanuts Release #4: [Cuvie] Juicy- Shy Shy Girl


That was my first reaction when I was translating this chapter. Man, casually reading H manga and translating it feels totally different, especially when you are thinking of how to word your dialogue.

This is a short story from Cuvie’s book Juicy (feels like it was neglected). The first two stories from the book are not my sort of thing so I decided to skip them. Don’t expect me to finish this book because I plan to jump from book to book, doing short stand-alone stories that I like. 😉

How to support me

Just a word of thanks would be suffucient. I would have a “donate” button but that wouldn’t be fair to the scanlation groups that pay for raws and file hosting.

Juicy- Shy Shy Girl: Mediafire / Megaupload / Sendspace

Rotten Peanuts

Side note:

I haven’t even started on the next chapter of Hakoiri (haven’t even read the raws), since the Christmas and New Year was so hectic. I will do it, but I just don’t know when. No promises on when the next one will come out.

Hakoiri by Cuvie: Links to chapter 1, 2 and 3

Several people have asked me for where to find chapter 1, 2 and 3. I searched through my computer, found it and uploaded it online.

Several notes:

  1. This is not a Rotten Peanuts release.
  2. Normally, I would link to the scanlators blog, but in this case, I don’t know who scanlated it. If you were the group scanlated it or know the group that did, tell me so I can link to their website. [small note: I would appreciate it that if you guys don’t post my download links elsewere , but link to the respective post in my blog]. In this case, well, I would like it, but its not really my release so I really don’t have any say>
Chapter 1: Mediafire
Chapter 2: Mediafire
Chapter 3: Mediafire

Rotten Peanuts

Rotten Peanuts Release #3: Hakoiri Chapter 4

Anyway, in the last few days, I’ve found my mascot: Bloomer-kun (from Hiroyuki’s works)


Okay, now for the main stuff. Enjoy Cuvie’s Hakoiri Chapter 4. In this chapter, we learn: “what are friends for?”.

Hakoiri chapter 4: Mediafire / Megaupload / Sendspace

How to support me

Just a word of thanks would be sufficient. I would have a “donate” button but that wouldn’t be fair to the scanlation groups that pay for raws and file hosting.

Rotten Peanuts

Hello World

I created this blog so that H-manga is kept away from the other stuff at the main Rotten Peanuts blog ( I don’t normally read H-manga, but I am a fan of Cuvie and Harumi Chihiro, so I follow their works.

I would advise that you check for updates there because all updates here will be updated there, but no download links, pics, etc will be on the main site.

Rotten Peanuts.